Dr Caroline Llewellyn.

Season 1

Caroline is the team's preferred pathologist and often appears with gruesome remains of the Ripper's victims on her tables. She supplies information that backs up Buchan's theories about the ripper.

Season 2

Similar to season one Caroline is used to identify historically similar murders and seems very willing to indulge the teams fantastical theories. 

Season 3

Again her role remains minor for screen time but her scenes are often pivitol to the direction of the cases.

Season 4

During Season 4 Caroline is heavily pregnant (8 months at least) but remains convivial and upbeat about her gruesome work and despite her morning sickness.

Personality and Traits

While a stereotypical TV pathologist (chirpy and conversational while in the presence of carnage that turns hardened policemen's stomachs), Caroline often appears in brief scenes that drive the investigation as she suggests how they should focus the teams attentions.

She is willing to indulge the teams fantastical theories to help prove connections with historical cases.