DI Joseph Chandler is posted to Whitechapel to lead the investigation into a murder. The victim is found by a CSO bleeding to death with her throat cut in a Board School, with the killer watching. The Whitechapel squad are tasked with solving the murder while getting accustomed to their new DI and dealing with a helpful expert whose ideas about the case strain the teams credulity.

Chandler is summoned to Commander Anderson, his superiors are concerned that London may have a Jack the Ripper copycat. Having earned a small degree of grudging respect, Chandler leads his squad as they begin researching the Ripper, reading books and looking at DVDs. It is a race against time before he strikes again and they have nothing to go on, except what history tells them, matters are not helped when details are leaked to the press.

Chandler has a close encounter. His attacker's home, however contains enough clues for the final hunt to begin after the team find the Ripper's apartment. Finding out that he assumed disguises throughout their case they deduce his alias. With time running out, Chandler and Miles manage to stop the Ripper before he completes his final recreation. Chandler is forced to decide between helping a seriously wounded Miles or taking down the Ripper.  Full Episode Description